Africa Development Seminar ④ Issues of Sustainable Development in Kenya from Peace and Environment Perspective

LBI hosted the seminar by inviting Dr. Mungai from Wangari Maathai Institute and Mr. Kobayashi from Keio University supported by Global Environment fund of Japan.
In addition, LBI honorably welcomed Ms. Lucy, Counsellor, as a special guest from the embassy of Kenya.
LBI deeply appreciated people for their participation, cooperation and collaboration. 
Dr. Mungai focuses on comprehensive issues of Kenya on sustainable development and on holistic approach and analysis on them with clear words and expressions. Mr. Kobayashi brought a unique perspective from conflict resolution on sustainable issues of dry land. 
Total 24 participants joins this discussion.

Comments from a questionnaire 
・It was very fruitful and meaningful discussion.
・I could learn a lot on African Development issues from the comprehensive and unique perspective.
・This seminar inspire me to learn more on children education issues on slum. 
・I would like to listen their lectures more and learn more on African issues.
・I also visited slums in other countries and it is always interesting to me for supporting them.
・I learned sustainable development issues from Macro and local perspectives.
・I learned a lot because the lecturers consisted of details statistics number and information to cover various fields.
・I enjoyed sharing holistic approach to sustainable development with intelligent people.
・I am very interested in the harmony between human behaviors and natural environment. From these perspective, this seminar was very practical and tangible. 
・Thanks for good interpretation into Japanese, which helped me to listen to the lecturers much easier.

Thanks for all of your collaboration!!  
(Special thanks to Dr. Emmanuel-san, Mr. Kranja-san, Dr. Mugani-san, Mr. Kobayashi-san, Mr. Matsui-san.)