LBI gives the weak of the weak hope

LBI is a NPO which specifically support women and children in a slum on Kenya.

They try to let women and children in Korogocho slum in Kenya be financially and mentally independent so they can live life with dignity. They aim at letting Japanese know wonderful aspects of Africans and building relationships connected by each person’s small efforts and smile.

As a LBI friend, they introduce my comment on their web site:
There are so many kinds of jobs. I wish people who have high profile jobs to remember that they can outstand because of others are doing what they need to make their life. Appreciating self and others for being able to be the way we are is important. I want to live life like that in the way everyone can be happy.

It costs only $500 for a child to go to secondary school for a year. LBI helps you to be hopeful and ambitious that you can do something as well. It is a good opportunity to think about what happiness is and what good is. I hope LBI grows more and increases the lowest level of lives.  Also, I hope LBI helps people to increase the consciousness as a global citizen and face social problems as theirs.

Excerpt from  Universe Voice Mosaic People's thoughts and stories which inspire and encourage you to think and act for the better