Environment Seminar ⑤ for sustainable development in Korogocho

LBI opens the Environment seminar for encouraging community people to promote sustainable environment movement in Korogohco. in collaboration with NGO African Children Education Fund, Hon. Shiojiri and Mrs. Molly, environment specialists from Embu, initiated this Seminar. This seminar is supported by Japan Fund for Global Environment. This time focus on the measure to promote organic lifestyle and waste management. More than 130 people participated in the seminar.

Excerpt from the questionnaire 
・I really request to your team to come back in my village because it's useful.
・This seminar is very important in our slum is helping us to know many thing about our environment. Welcome to our slum.
・Thanks and come back again. We're really benefited from the seminar.
・This seminar is very impressive. We can improve our standards of living.
・Thank you very much. I have learned many things for that studies.
・Good work. You help the community.
・I really enjoyed it. Hope to join you next time.

Video ⇒ http://youtu.be/u9LWsVmUsd8